WAVE: Live Video Text Overlay

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WAVE: Live Video Text Overlay

Live Video Text Overlay allows users to create custom text overlays as an Action in order to alert the WAVE System operators to critical events.

To use Live Video Text Overlay:

• Navigate to the resource panel, and right click on the camera.
• Choose Camera Rules
• Create a new rule by clicking the +Add button
• Choose an event at the dropdown menu labeled “When”
• Select the source cameras by clicking the box labeled “At”
• In the Action column, select Show text overlay
• Choose the targeted camera(s) to display the text overlay
• Click Apply, then OK

Custom and Advanced settings

Also show on source camera– If you want the text to be displayed on the source camera, enable this option. For example, we setup a rule when a motion on Camera-1 is detected, it will display a text on Camera-2. If this option is checked, WAVE will detect the motion on Camera-1. You will see the text on Camera-1 and Camera-2. Otherwise, the text will be displayed on Camera-2 only.
Display text for … seconds– If checked, the text will be visible for the specified amount of time.
Use custom text– Users can type their own message to display, using basic HTML tags to customize the look and feel of the text.

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