WAVE: Automatic Camera Failover

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WAVE: Automatic Camera Failover

Automatic Camera Failover is a feature in WAVE which allows System Servers to automatically recover when a power or a network failure occurs on a Server. Automatic Camera Failover can be enabled on individual Servers. When enabled, Failover tells the server to grab cameras from any failed Server in the System.

A single Server can handle a maximum of 128 cameras. For example, if a Server is actively recording 64 cameras, it can act as a Failover Server for up to 64 additional cameras from other Servers in the System.

Failover takes approximately 1 minute to activate in the instance of a network or a power failure.

To Enable Automatic Camera Failover on a Server:

• Right click a server in the Resource Panel and choose Server Settings
• In the Server Settings dialog, check Enable Failover
• Enter the maximum number of selected server that can handle (128 Maximum on Core i3 or above CPUs, 12 maximum on ARM CPUs)
Click OK
• If you want to add additional Failover Servers in the same System, repeat the steps above for each Server

To Setup Failover Priority

• While in the Server Settings dialog, click Fail-over Priority
• Assign a value of High, Medium, or Low priority to each camera
• Failover for System cameras will follow assigned priorities. High, Medium, Low priority.
• Failover assigns cameras to the first available Failover server recognized by the System
• Repeat this for all cameras that should be prioritized
Click OK to apply changes

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