WAVE: Add An IP Camera Or Video Source

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WAVE: Add An IP Camera Or Video Source

IP Camera Autodiscovery & Manual Addition

WAVE discovers supported devices automatically if they are located on the same subnet (LAN). Auto-discovered devices will show up in the Resource Panel after WAVE is started. The Auto Discovery feature for WAVE works with ONVIF Profile S devices and devices integrated properly via an SDK/API.

IP Cameras and video sources (HTTP links, RTSP streams) can also be added manually.

To add an IP camera/video source manually to your System:

1. Right-click on server in the Resource Panel and select Add Camera
2. To add a single camera or video source (HTTP or RTSP url) enter the URL
3. To Add Multiple non-discovered sources or device manually select Subnet Scan and enter the desired IP range to begin scanning
4. Enter a desired IP range to start scanning. By default, addresses 0-255 are recommended
5. Specify authentication parameters in login and password fields
6. Specify discovery port if needed – Most cameras are discovered on port 80 (checked Auto box is recommended)
7. Press Scan to initiate search
8. If located, the cameras will be displayed in order
9. Select desired cameras and click Add Selected
10. Cameras will be added to the Resource Panel

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